Every brand can benefit from regular competitor analysis!

Our Approach

A Competitive Data Analysis helps businesses to learn the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. It also helps them identify what they're doing right and opportunities where they can easily one-up competitors by using a strategy they haven't taken advantage of. By performing a competitor analysis, we are be able to:

Identify gaps in the market

Whether you are starting a small business or looking for growth opportunities in your current business, market gaps can be amazing sources of inspiration for your next big idea.

Develop products and services

Identifying if your products or services are in their lifecycle is central to your profitability. Effective research into your markets and competitors will help you do exactly this.

Uncover Market Trends

Staying on top of market seasonality, new trends, and emerging audience interests is beyond critical in order to plan strategies that deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Market and sell more effectively

It's essential to give your customers good reasons to come to you rather than a rival. To accomplish that we develop a unique selling point that taps into what customers want.

Our Working Process

Our skilled data analysts will identify your competitors and provide you with an in-depth analysis of where to concentrate your resources in order to create the most impact in the development of your business.

Determine who your competitors are.

We'll need to figure out who you're really competing with so we can compare the data accurately.

Determine what products your competitors offer.

We analyze your competitor's product line and the quality of the products or services they're offering.

Research your competitors sales tactics and results.

This will give us an idea of how competitive your sales process is, and what information we need to prepare your sales reps with in order to compete during the final buy stage.

Analyze how your competitors market their products.

Analyzing your competitor's website and their online and offline advertising campaigns is the fastest way to gauge their marketing efforts.

Take note of your competition’s content strategy.

We evaluate the quality of your competitors content to understand their lead generating strategies, covering a variety of topics so we'll have a fairly complete picture of what your competitor shares with their target audience.

Analyze the engagement on your competitor’s content.

To gauge how engaging your competitor's content is to their readers, we'll need to see how their target audience responds to what they're posting by checking the average number of comments, shares, and likes on your competitor's content.

Observe how they promote marketing content.

We develop a comprehensive evaluation of your competitor's content promotion strategy, like their keyword density, image ALT text tags, the use of internal linking in order to prioritize and focus on what to pay attention.

Look at their social media presence, & strategies

We evaluate your competitor's social media presence and engagement rates, learning what kind of platforms they use, what kind of content are they posting and how do they interact with their followers.

Perform a SWOT Analysis

We'll take note of your competitor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and compare them against yours and vice versa. By doing this, we can better position your business, and start uncover areas for improvement within your own brand.

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