Discovery GlassBottom Yacht
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Discovery GlassBottom Yacht, an innovative yacht offering daily cruises in Mykonos island, chose us to develop and enhance its digital identity.

As part of our collaboration, we provided them with professional content writing services and Search Engine Optimization for their entire website and as well as Social Media Management and Advertising on the most popular networks in order to develop their business pages and increase their follower base.

In this context, we have created new professional and attractive content for each of their 25 website pages with an emphasis on the unique and fun experience they offer and Search Engine Optimization for the best possible ranking of pages on search engines such as Google.

Furthermore, we were entrusted with the creation of their social media networks such as Facebook & Instagram, to help them grow and exceed goals.

The development of a brand and the development of a business is a continuous process, so we are working with Discovery GlassBottom Yacht on an ongoing basis, in order to increase their lead acquisition and brand awareness.

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