For the use of services of Glocal Digital Agency

1. Introduction

1.1 Glocal Digital Agency, henceforth referred to as “Company” is a Digital Marketing Agency providing online products and services through the Internet, founded by GDMS Glocal Destination Marketing Services LTD based in Nicosia, Cyprus with registration number HE383130. The following terms and conditions shall be implemented for use of the Company’s online website, www.glocaldms.com as well as any services provided by the Company. Using the website or services provided by the Company, users declare that they fully accept the terms and conditions the Company currently has or will have set up in the future.

1.2 Should a user or a user representative disagree with these terms and conditions, they should then not make use of the Company’s website and its services. Users or the Company’s services or visitors of www.glocaldms.com site will henceforth be referred to as Customers, regardless of them ordering services or products from the Company.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1 This website is one of the Company’s official e-shops. Its entire content, including images, graphics, photos, sketches, text, services provided and products, are considered Company copyright or are used with a suitable license and are protected under the relevant laws of greek and european applicable law and international conventions. The website’s entire content has been filed under a notary.

2.2 Copying, distribution, transport, processing/conversion, re-selling, creating a derivative work or misleading the public towards the true provider of the website’s content is forbidden. Any reproduction, reissue, download, upload, announcement, spreading of or transmission or whatever other use of the content in any way, shape, or form for commercial purposes or otherwise is allowed only with written permission of the Company or other beneficiary of copyright. Names, images, logos and the distinct markings representing and Company or third parties connected to such, as well as their products and services, are sole labels of the Company or third parties protected under the applicable laws concerning commercial labels. Their display on the website should not, for any reason, be taken as permission for them to be utilized.

3. Corporate Responsibility

3.1 The Customer confirms that any material that will be sent to the Company or uploaded to the hosting server by him or by the Company on his behalf has his consent and bears sole responsibility for it. The Company has access rights to files, websites and data of the Customer for technical support or should there be a need of an audit or after a request from the Authorities, according to what is written on the Privacy Policy, as well as the Disclaimer Of Personal Data Safety.

3.2 The Company lets the Customer know, via email, how they may gain access to their control panel for services as well as the way to publish files on the Internet, setting up email accounts and information on the utilization of services.

3.3 The Company could, as an exception, provide support and suggestions on matters not wholly concerning digital marketing services (additional technical support). The Customer acknowledges that the Company is not liable for the soundness or credibility of such support guides given to the Customer.

3.4 The Company does not assume control over the content of information passing through its servers. Furthermore, it does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy or quality of any information appearing on the internet through -or due to- its services. In addition, it does not guarantee the commercial or personal solvency of whoever presents themselves on the Internet, or the fulfillment of any particular promises/offers from third parties, and is not responsible for any damages incurred to the Customer or those who trade with such, including data loss due to delays, failure to deliver cargo, or cessation of services for any cause, fault, or omission.

3.5 The use of any information provided via the Internet is the responsibility of the user and the Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of this information.

3.6 The Company, under no conditions, events and causes does bear any responsibility for whatever damages resulting from the utilization, availability or non-availability of services the Company provides.

3.7 The Company updates installed applications on its websites and e-shops that maintenances or at its servers at regular intervals, so as for security levels to be maintained at their highest possible level and the most recent versions of CMSs, Plugins, Themes, Modules, Plesk Control Panel, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, Perl, Zend, ionCube etc. to be provided. Unless otherwise agreed it is the Customer’s sole responsibility, especially regarding safety issues that expose the infrastructure and availability of the Company’s services to danger, to update their websites accordingly, placing greater emphasis on security updates of PHP, MySQL Queries, ASP.NET etc. code so as for them to be compatible with Company servers and does not endanger them. The Company is not liable for any loss, damage or moral damage caused by these updates, as well as the incapability or unwillingness of the Customer to adjust their web pages with the updated versions of various applications and computer programming languages having been installed on Company servers.

3.8 The Company takes backup copies of Customer files and databases that use server hosting services at regular intervals. These backups are saved daily for 14 days prior to the present date. Furthermore, extra monthly backups are saved on the 15th, day of every month and are kept for a year offline. The Company bears no responsibility for such backups being out of date or unusable. The Customer is obliged to maintain a backup copy of their own files and databases. Such a copy maintained by the Customer must be loaded into the Customer’s personal computer. Should the Customer ask for data recovery, the Company shall provide the service/product. In some circumstances, due to the nature of a service, it might be delayed for a few hours or days. The Customer acknowledges that the process ‘restore from backup’ might corrupt the site contents or downgrade to an earlier version. The Company is not liable towards the Customers/users for any damages incurred from the execution -or not- of their order and from the form, the service is provided. In addition, it is reserved regarding the time of providence of services backup/restore in case of force majeure.

3.9 The Company after prosecution or request from the relevant Authorities will follow the legal processes for enforcement of the law and may gain access to data concerning the location, the website, the files, the emails and the content of the Customer. This can lead to the Company unveiling all data given to it, including the ones hosted in Company servers, files and Customer databases.

3.10 The Company is not at fault for damages incurred from the implementation -or not- of the Customer’s order, or from the form of such a service provided. It is also reserved towards delivery time for any goods / services in cases of force majeure.

3.11 The Customer acknowledges that the Company may adjust its services and products provided through third party suppliers, based on specification of each supplier. The Customer acknowledges that the Company itself is not responsible and liable to Customer, or any third party for whatever claims occur from providing such goods / services.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This agreement describes the availability guarantee for the Company’s services and aims to ensure that the expectations and needs of both the Customer and the Company are clearly defined and heard. This agreement remains valid until revised and will be reviewed at least annually by the Company.

Please expect a small delay in responding to emails. A deadline that we impose on ourselves, needing to optimize our work periods without interruption.

In order for us to respect your needs and our prior commitments, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance and ideally 1 to 2 weeks before the date you need to have your graphic creation in hand. For websites, you will understand that the deadlines are longer: contact us at least 2 months before the expected delivery date and ideally 3 to 4 months in advance. We concentrate communications via email and in our Google Drive shared documents so we have everything in one place. Please avoid Facebook and other informal channels (e.g. texting).

Invoices are always payable upon receipt, with a grace period of 30 days without interest. We must be diligent about these deadlines. Reminders are therefore automated in our billing system. Thank you for paying your bills on time.


  • A service level agreement (SLA) is like a guarantee. It describes what is covered in the event that problems of various kinds are detected in a project.
  • A “Project”can be a brand, website, graphic, advertising campaign, social media development, or any other digital marketing service and strategy.
  • “Impact” is the term used to describe a situation where either the Company or the Customer acts in such a way as to make it unrealistic for the other party to perform its part of the contract. This may include, but is not exclusive to: failure to respond to calls or emails in a timely manner, except by prior agreement with the Company.
  • The word “contract” as it appears in these terms and conditions means the contract between the Company and the Customer, which shall be based on the terms and conditions contained in this Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Communications and Requests

Emails and calls are subject to a 24-hour response time (unless considered urgent as described below). The Company plans projects and a schedule on a weekly basis. In order to meet the deadlines promised to all of its Customers, the latter must plan their needs in advance so that they can agree on a delivery date that suits both parties. After the analysis of the Customer’s request, the Company will inform the Customer of the next possible delivery date. A request that cannot wait for this time slot will be subject to the increased hourly rate posted in the fees.

When making a request, the Customer must include these essential elements, ideally within a single email or file:

  • Desired date and/or absolute deadline
  • The budget or number of hours envisaged
  • Context of the request, need, objectives
  • List of required parts (if several)
  • Applicable technical specifications
  • Examples, references, comparables

It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide all necessary materials BEFORE the work begins. Missing documents or information will necessarily cause additional delays and sometimes duplicate work (more hours), which is not desirable for both parties. Please ensure that you provide clear instructions, in a single email, with relevant attachment(s) (.zip). It is also advisable and even preferable to use the assigned and shared Google Drive folder.

Only email or phone requests will be considered and scheduled in a timely manner. The Company is not required to respond under the terms of this SLA to informal requests from Facebook (personal) or received via text message.


The terms and conditions contained in this SLA apply to all Customers unless otherwise agreed in writing. No other contractual conditions apply unless a specific written agreement has been produced. In case of ambiguity between these terms and conditions and the terms agreed upon in writing between the Company and the Customer, these terms and conditions shall prevail. This SLA will be emailed with all quotes via a web link. By accepting a quote, the Customer also agrees to the terms and conditions contained in this SLA.  The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and it is the Customer’s responsibility to visit this page at regular intervals to be updated.

Quotation, estimate, and costs

The Company will provide the Customer with initial estimates for projects upon request. These estimates will be as accurate as possible based on a set of initial concepts and an indicated number of revisions. However, the final project amount may differ from the initial estimate. An informal estimate, as opposed to a quotation, is useful when the actual project amount cannot be reasonably or accurately determined at the outset. The Customer will be made aware of the nature of the quote provided.

Work performed beyond this estimate, including a change in documented specifications, will be subject to additional charges which will be confirmed with the Customer via email prior to the start of the additional work. Costs will be billed at an hourly rate or on a lump sum basis depending on the agreement, either at the time they are incurred or upon the full completion of a project.

All quotes, estimates, notes, and other documents shared between the Company and the Custome are commercially confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties without prior written consent.

Requests added to a project AFTER the Customer has accepted it may incur additional charges. Where possible, depending on the time frame requested by the Customer, the Customer will be informed of these additional charges by email prior to the commencement of the work.

Quotes are normally valid for 14 days, unless a different date is specified on the quote.

Any deposit is due immediately, with the balance due upon completion of the work upon receipt of the final invoice.

Start of work

The Customer agrees to provide written approval of the proposal via email prior to the start of any work as a statement of the agreement between the Customer and the Company regarding the work described in the said proposal. The email agreement is the official signature.

Use of third parties

The Company, if necessary, may act as the Customer’s agent and, directly or through an intermediary, request another contractor and/or supplier (“Third Party(ies)”) to perform certain aspects of the project. The Company will pay the costs of such Third Parties upon the agreement of the Customer, and then recharge them to the Customer. The Company will take all reasonable precautions to select and instruct the third party. However, the Company will have no control over the activities of third parties and therefore accepts no responsibility for the services provided to the Customer by such third-party contractors or for any errors or omissions in their work or products. (e.g. delivery times).


The value of work included in a fixed price quotation specification that is omitted (undelivered) will be assessed independently and deducted from the final project amount. Work in addition to that detailed in a fixed price estimate will be evaluated and added to the final sum of the project.

Branding and graphic design services

For all graphic design services that include print and web graphics, an estimate is calculated and submitted to the Customer. If changes are required to a project after payment of the outstanding invoice, the additional charges will be confirmed with the Customer and the Customer will be billed for the work performed. After the initial discussion to situate the brand, an estimate will be issued to the Customer detailing the Company’s understanding of the Customer’s position, the design direction (as discussed), and the estimated costs. If the customer requests extensive changes and modifications that are outside the approved agreement, this will result in additional charges. The Customer will be informed of these additional costs by e-mail before the start of the additional work.

Website Development and Digital Marketing Services

For all web design, web development, programming, hosting services, CMS maintenance, and any other kind of digital marketing services, an estimate is calculated and then submitted to the Customer. If there are significant changes and upgrades that exceed the original specifications and estimates, these will be considered additional costs and will be indicated accordingly. Items added to the project’s specifications AFTER the customer has signed off may incur additional charges, but the customer will be notified of these additional charges via email prior to the start of the work.

Please note that in the nature of web development, the scope of work often increases as the project progresses. With this in mind, initial specifications and estimates are subject to change and the Company, therefore, encourages all Customers to include a contingency in their web project budget to cover unforeseen work and its associated costs. The Company will inform and discuss any changes in specification or cost with the Customer by e-mail, prior to the commencement of additional work.  The Company reserves the right to charge a daily rate for writing or entering text into a website unless included in the quote.

The Company will offer Customers third-party services such as those offered by Google to improve the performance of their websites. The Company may include in the quotation the configuration and maintenance of these third-party services. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for any interruption, non-performance, or cancellation of the provision by third parties of such services. The Company will agree with the Customer on the duration of the assistance and it will be detailed in the original quotation, generally on a number of hours defined on a monthly continuous basis.

Customers with an SLA will be able to log errors on their website or request content updates that are not under their control. All requests should be sent by email to support@glocaldms.com. Applications sent elsewhere will not be subject to the response times listed below. If the Company believes that a request is outside the scope of the support contract, it will inform the Customer and discuss the request as additional development and propose a solution and cost. Work on such a request will not be undertaken until an agreement is reached with the Customer on the additional cost and approach.

Response times

The Company will classify all requests as one of the following and, as such, each one will aim to resolve them within the given timeframe:

  • Urgent: an error that has caused the website to be inactive or in such a state that it is causing the Customer serious damage to the brand. For example. if a payment gateway allows users to check out without taking payment or contact forms do not trigger emails to the customer and thus lose requests. (Delivery time: 24 hours).
  • High: an error that results in a direct loss of revenue to the Customer but is not considered “urgent”. (Delivery time: 2 business days).
  • Normal: an error that impedes the typical user experience but does not directly result in lost revenue for the Customer. (Delivery time: 10 business days).
  • Low: an error that does not prevent the typical user experience. (Delivery time: 14 business days.)


During the development of the project : the working files and the source code of the Projects remain the intellectual property of the Company and cannot be copied and used by any other party without the consent of the Company. The Company holds the copyright until the final invoice has been paid. Upon payment, the copyright is automatically transferred to the Customer. All images of the Customer’s logo, images provided by the Customer, i.e. of their premises, workforce, and business, as well as all written copy, belong to the Customer and are covered by their copyright. The Company will not reuse Customer’s written content or images provided by Customer without Customer’s express permission. The Company reserves the right to use the Projects for self-promotional purposes: Portfolio, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Hourly rate charges

The Company will bill all hours for services that are not included in any previous quote. The amount billed will be based on the standard hourly rate, unless a different hourly rate has been agreed upon in writing. Please note that user experience (UX) consulting fees are different from graphic and web design fees. The Company will review and may increase its standard hourly rate on an annual basis and Customer will be notified. All requests will be billed for a minimum of 15 minutes, in 1 minute increments.


The Customer will always receive a digital proof of the work in order to approve a project. A printed color proof is available but will incur additional charges and delays. All color print proofs are available on the printer’s film and therefore do not represent the final print quality or stock. the designer will not be held responsible for deviations in the printing process, inks, colors or stocks once a printer’s proof has been approved. Customers must approve projects by responding affirmatively to the signature email sent by the Company after carefully checking that the attached files do not require any further modification. It is extremely important that the Customer carefully review and verify all files before sending approval. the designer will not be held responsible for any errors in a file that has been approved by the Customer. After approval, if the customer requires further modifications, this may result in delays and additional charges. If an approved file has already been put into production at the time the customer requires a change, the customer is required to pay the full cost of production as quoted, plus the same amount quoted again in order to put the new file into production.  The Company will deliver all products by email unless otherwise indicated. Any additional costs incurred in requesting an alternative delivery method shall be borne by the Customer.


This service includes the training of the Customer in order to update certain sections of his website via the content management platform (WordPress). This tutorial is offered privately by the Company and may or may not be included depending on the initial agreement. The training includes 3 hours of telephone or email support upon completion. Any additional telephone assistance or service at the standard hourly rate will be charged.

Search Engines

The Company includes basic SEO services when designing websites to work well with search engines and will liaise with Customers and editors to try and achieve high rankings for appropriate keyword phrases. The Company accepts no responsibility to the Customer for the actual rankings obtained or how these rankings may vary over time.


Under the terms of the Agreement, payment will be made in two parts (a and b) unless otherwise specified at the quotation/quote stage in accordance with clause below:

  1. 50% of the total balance of the estimate in order to start the work
  2. The final balance will be paid in full within 30 days of the completion and signing of a design project. Failure to do so will result in an annual interest charge of 20% on the total payable.

Invoices are payable upon receipt, with a grace period of 30 days from the date of invoice.  The Company will specify in the quote how a project will be billed. Large projects can be divided into a number of monthly interim invoices plus a final invoice upon completion. Payment can be made to The Company by bank transfer, or credit card. Additional fees may be required to 1) pay a bill in installments and/or pay a bill over 500€ by credit card. In special circumstances, where the Company and the Customer have agreed to credit terms other than those set out in the above terms all invoices must be paid immediately on the dates specified in the terms. In the case of non-payment (after 30 days and several reminders without an agreement, the Company reserves the right to: 1) interrupt services 2) send a formal notice 3) send to a collection service. Under the terms of the agreement, until full payment is received, all design work is the intellectual property of the Company. It is subject to copyright and the customer could incur a number of sanctions if he continues to use it without written authorization.


The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the quoted specification for the Customer works as intended. In the event that the customer reports that any part of the specification is not working properly, the Company will investigate and take corrective action at no cost to the customer. In the event that the Customer reports a problem with something that does not meet the project specifications, the Company will investigate and send a report to the Customer and, if applicable, a price for performing the additional work necessary to resolve the issue. the problem. Work can only begin once the Customer has approved the report and any additional costs incurred. If a customer has or accesses their website code files and makes changes themselves or changes settings in their content management system that is only accessible to super admin rights, the SLA will become invalid. Any subsequent work to rectify the problems caused and to bring the website back to the state it was in before will be charged.

4. Privacy and Data Protection Policy Clarifications in regard to the processing of personal data

4.1 Why shall the Company process Data of Personal Type (DPT) and the Special Category Data of Personal Type (SCDPT)?
With the purchase of services / products that the Customer carries out through the Company’s online agency or website, they state that they wish for the Company to handle the completion of a task or the mediation between the Customer and some third party for the completion of a task with the Company’s function being an Internet service provider. The Company, based on information / data the Customer declares in its website / ordering form / email, should integrate such into a homogeneous category and calculate, based on said declarations, the product/ service which is suitable and relevant for the Customer.

For such to happen, the Customer needs to fill in the particular DPT and/or SCDPT noted in the relevant fields of the ordering form / email. This data is objectively essential to the implementation and function of the provided service. The proper and complete information for data the Company requests are considered obligatory of the Customer, according to law. It is possible that inaccurate or incomplete data the Company requests to find, cause for the Company to demand even the cancellation or report of the provided service, at any time.

For however while the contract for service provision remains in effect, the Company shall process Customer data which are necessary for its function based on the present contract with which the Customer consents to should they proceed in carrying out an ordering of service / product from the Company.

4.2 In what kind of data processing shall the Company proceed to?
After the Customer proceeds in the ordering a product / service and has filled in all necessary fields in the order form, the Company shall, for the reasons already noted, carry on with any action or series of actions processing the Customer’s data with assistance of automated means like, for example gathering, input, organizing, rectifying, storage, adjustment, shift, recover and searching of information as well.

The Company makes use of automated means for the fulfillment of the order and providing the service. Through said means, the Company can reach decisions quicker, with greater accuracy, transparency and consistency. However, in those cases, regular relevant checks are made from pertinent Company employees. The Company, in the name of safeguarding legal interests, often runs checks, through automated procedures to prevent scams against it.

In particular, the following individual audits are made towards compliance of the Company with instruction from european and greek legislature.

  • Audits (and automated ones) are conducted for preventing the use of products in money laundering and / or the funding of terrorism.
  • Audits are conducted and files and data are sent towards compliance of the Company with the administrative cooperation of European Union member-states.
  • Audits are conducted and files and data are sent towards compliance of the Company with the multi-part agreement of Pertinent Authorities for the automated trade of information in regards to financial matters.

4.3 For how long shall the Company hold the Customer’s data in a file?
The Company shall hold on to the Customer’s data for however long a contractual relation is maintained between them, either in written or electronic format. In a case of, for whatever reason, this is interrupted the Company shall hold on to such for however long of a time is left for any relevant claims to become time-barred.

4.4 What rights does the Customer have in regards to the processing of their data?
The Customer, may, as appropriate, exercise the following rights:

  • The right of access (learning which data of theirs the Company is processing, for what reasons and its recipients)
  • The right of amendment (rectifying any inaccuracies or lack of data)
  • The right of deletion / right of oblivion (purge from Company files, should their presence, however, no longer be necessary)
  • The right of restricting processing (In case of doubt being presented so as to the accuracy of data etc.)
  • The right of portability (for the Customer to receive their data at a structured and commonly used format)

Such rights are exercised sans cost for the Customer, with the sending of relevant postage or email to the Data Protection Officer, unless they are repeated often and due to volume, they possess administrative weight for the Company, hence the Customer shall be burdened with the relevant cost.

Should the Customer exercise any of those rights, the Company shall undertake any possible means for the satisfactory conclusion of such a request within thirty (30) days from receiving the relevant request, after the Company notifies such either for its execution, or the subjective reasons which prevent it.

Beyond such, the Customer, may, at any time, be set against the processing of their DPT and SCDPT for the purposes of the contract service provider, withdrawing their consent. However, this will lead to the termination of the Customer’s contract services provided from the Company because (according to the above) no service works without processing of the Customer’s DPT and/or SCDPT (concerning data).

4.5 How is the Customer’s data security safeguarded?
Data security is, to the Company, an absolute commitment. To achieve such, all modern and suitable means are implemented for purposes of technological processing (for example, encryption, anonymity) as well as organizational measures, the effectiveness of which the Company checks at regular intervals.

4.6 Where shall the data be transferred?
The Customer’s data will be transferred to Company departments pertinent to the execution of the provided service and for the proper and hurdle-free implementation of such. For example, the Technical Support department, Legal, Accounting etc. The Customer’s data might be transferred and made accessible for legal entities and / or persons with which the Company occasionally maintains contracts for the proper provision of offered services. Furthermore, in regards to the Customer’s safeguarding contract, such data might be transferred to various services, public authorities etc. However, in this case, the legal entities or persons will process the Customer’s personal data solely for provision of services towards the Company and not for personal gain, acting as executors for the processing. In every transfer, the Company always undertakes any possible measure to ensure the transferred data are always the minimum required and the conditions are for legal and desired processing.

4.7 Shall the Company process the Customer’s data for commercial purposes?
For the duration of processing noted above, the Company might process your DPT data (but not your SCDPT). The Customer may be set against processing of their data (for commercial purposes) through the sending of a relative request to Data Protection Officer. In such a case, the Customer’s data will no longer be subjected to processing for commercial purposes.

4.8 Submission of an accusation / complaint?
For whichever issue involving the processing of your data, you may address Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the Company through email: support@glocaldms.com

Additional clarifications regarding the Cookies

4.9 What are Cookies and why is the Company using them?
Cookies are small text files sent on the browser program the Customer uses and are stored at their computer, while the Customer is browsing within the Company website. Under no circumstances do the cookies contain personal information or information which would allow anyone to communicate with the website’s visitor, through phone, email etc. Furthermore, using cookies, there is no access granted to the computer’s documents or files.

Cookie usage facilitates the retaining of information relating to the Customer’s visit, to the website, gathering useful preferences in regards to the Customer’s search preferences. Consequently, the searching experience will be optimized. In addition, cookies help the Company review the performance and visitor count of its website, improving its display and content, according to visitor preferences.

4.10 Which cookies are used?
Some or all cookies described might be stored into the browser application. The Customer can see and manage the cookies in the browser application (however, browser applications intended for mobile devices might not possess this sort of functionality).

The technically necessary cookies the Company is using are of vital import for the proper function of the website, and allow the Customer to browse and use its functions. These cookies do not distinguish a Customer’s particular identity. Without such, the Company cannot offer effective functionality on its website.

4.11 Should the Customer not desire the use of cookies?
The Customer may activate, or deactivate and completely delete cookies, through the settings of their particular browser application. However, after such an act, some parts of the website might not be working properly.

Privacy Policy

The Company handles a Customer’s security, trust and respect. The safeguarding of Customer personal data is particularly important. Hence, the Company communicates the above to its visitors and/or Customers:

  • a. The Company website is a communication system to the public, with which information and services are offered, through the Internet. Visitors of the Company website are able to inform themselves of any new products and services it offers, important announcements, new jobs and be notified of any service without offering any information.
  • b. In case of gathering a Customer’s personal data is necessary, for the execution of some trade through the website, the following shall take effect:
    i. The Company maintains a log and processes potential Customer personal data, the sole reason being the support, forwarding and implementation of the exchange with the Customer as well as the provision of high level services.
    ii. Customer data are safeguarded by strict discretionary criteria and are forwarded on third-party companies only if necessary for an order’s implementation or the functionality of a Customer’s service.
    Website software is designed for a maximum amount of security and trust. All information contained within requests submitted in the website and are related to payment of whichever service the Customer chooses, are secure. Only authorized employees, having received proper training so as to the processing of Customer information, shall have access to such information and only when necessary for implementing Customer requests.

5. Domain Name Registration Services

5.1 The Company registers domain names under the function of a domain reseller and acts as mediator between the Customer and whichever company acts as an official registrar or is responsible for the management of the main database. The Company has no bearing in the distribution of domain names.

5.2 The Customer/user/future owner of domain names should read, understand and consent to the Management and Assignment Regulations of each registry and/or collaborating organizations, for the TLDs of domain names they choose, as well as the latest amendments/modifications to such. By registering domain names through the Company, the Customer confirms they have read and have consented to the terms and conditions provided for each registry and / or collaborating organizations, for the management and assignment of TLDs.

Further regulatory texts can be found here.

5.3 The Company completes the submission for a Customer after payment is confirmed. The Company bears no responsibility should during, before, or after the Customer’s order is concluded, the domain name chosen has been claimed by someone else. If such a thing happens, the Customer may either search for and claim another domain or request the payment to be reverted.
.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, etc. domain names (except .GR and .EU) that have been renewed within 45 days in their existing registrar are not renewed for one additional year after their transfer to the Company, as expected.

5.4 The Customer accepts the Registrant’s Rights and Obligations as displayed on the official ICANN site.

5.5 Transactions concerning domain names (renewal, owner change, registrar change etc.) are considered carried out with confirmation of payment from the Company’s accounting department. From that point on, the Customer acknowledges they lose the right of withdrawal and money restitution. Exceptions are new domain name submissions, for which the withdrawal and money restitution right remains with the Customer as long as it is requested on time and the withdrawal is concluded within 5 calendar days from the initial confirmation of payment. Due to that small-time interval, the Customer is responsible, beyond the sending of a written request (through email) to also verify with the Company via phone their request for withdrawals, for such to be concluded on time. After 5 calendar days, no money shall be returned.

If during the domain name register order the Customer gained for free some other domain name or other combined service offer for which the right of money restitution is not valid, then the submission product sales offer cost is subtracted from the amount returned to Customer, according to the catalog valid at that time in the Company website.

Should the domain name be canceled within the deadline, the money is returned in credit form into the account of the same Customer and may be used in following registers. The Company sends the Customer an email informing of such to move into registering a new domain name according to the consultant’s suggestions.
Special terms for .GR domain names

5.6 The Customer agrees to not move towards repeated unpaid registering orders of the same .GR domain name, binding such the particular domain name through the registry.

5.7 The Customer should have concluded all their financial obligations against the previous registry, in regards to the domain name they are requesting a registry change for.

5.8 If the Customer chooses the checking requests service and the Company consultant finds the domain name does not fulfill the conditions to be approved from EETT the domain name will be automatically canceled from the Company staff.

5.9 Should the Company consultant finds the domain name does fulfill the conditions to be approved by EETT, but ultimately is not, then the money is refunded to the Customer in credit form or cash.

Domain Expiry
When a domain name expires, in most scenarios, it is put into a ‘quarantine’ situation in which only the designated owner has the right to renew it. The Customer may be informed for domain name’s quarantine duration from the Company pricelist page, or through communication with the Support Department of the Company. If a quarantine period is not implemented, the domain name either directly goes into a redemption period (5.12) or gets deleted according to the regulations of each registry.

5.10 Domain Redemption
After the quarantine period resolves, or directly after the domain name expires (should there not be a quarantine period) the domain name is deleted and it enters into a redemption period lasting about 40 days. The Customer should and can be informed for the duration of such period of a domain name in communication with the Company’s Support Department. See term 5.12 for renewal from redemption.
The Company cannot guarantee the renewal of a domain name from redemption, hence it is suggested the Customer renews their domain name in time, before it expires.

5.11 Renewal of an expired domain
The cost of renewal from quarantine remains the same as the cost for such before the domain expires. For renewal of a domain name from redemption, a redemption fee is added to the cost, varying depending on the resolution and on each occasion, the Customer should communicate with the Company’s Support Department to be informed of the total cost of renewal from redemption for the domain name they are interested in. The Customer acknowledges that the redemption period as well as the renewal fee vary according to the TLD and it is their responsibility to be aware of a registry’s particular terms for domain names in their possession.

5.12 Delete and Restore Domain
A domain name can be deleted for other reasons beyond its expiration, such as submission of false owner data or the WHOIS / owner data had not been confirmed to the registry within 10 days. After 10 days and in case of the requisite data not having been sent forward, the registry has the right to delete the domain name. In this case, the domain name enters Registrar Hold (or Client Hold) status, ceases its operation and can not be transferred until the registrant sends out accurate and up-to-date WHOIS data. The domain name owner must send official documents for the confirmation of the authenticity of their data (for example ID or passport) so as for a domain name to be restored from the registry.
In particular, in cases of illegal or unauthorized activity, the Registrar reserves the right to terminate the operation (Registrar Hold or Client Hold) and to delete a domain name even after confirming the owner’s details.

Domain Transfer

5.13 For already-registered domains, the transfer takes place automatically at the next renewal. The transfer is completed within 10 (or 15) days after the date of the renewal order of the domain and then the renewal is completed. Attention: The Customer may receive an email directly from ICANN asking them to confirm their details via a link to complete the transfer and renewal. No change of nameservers can be made during the 10 (or 15) days. Registrar change in the domain can be done normally, 60 days after the renewal.

5.14 As noted in the ICANN Transfer Policy, the domain owner explicitly authorizes the Company or the Company’s partners when deemed necessary, to act as designated agents to approve the changing of owner data for their account.

6. Web Hosting Services

6.1 The Customer accepts not to use the Company’s internet space, the services it offers and its servers for:

  • a. Any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, irritating, sycophantic derogatory, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, constitutes a violation of someone else’s privacy, shows solidarity, or expresses racial, national or other distinctions, or for sending, publishing via email or transmission of such content to others.
  • b. Harming underage people in any way.
  • c. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content for which they do not have rights of transmission according to legislation or contracted or administrative relations (like internal information, owner and confidential information gained or exposed as part of work relations or covered in confidentiality agreements.)
  • d. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content which violates any patent, trade label, trade secret, copyright or other ownership third party rights.
  • e. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content which contains software viruses or other codes, files or applications designed with causing harm in mind, the destruction or tackling of function of any software or hardware.
  • f. Willful and unwilful violation of the standing legislature or its terms.
  • g. Harassment of third parties in any way.
  • h. Illegal gathering or storage of other user’s private data.

6.2 The Company has the power to reject, cut off the provision of service or delete content funneled on the provided server, should this content be against any legislature in regards to copyright, is copied, is of pornographic, racist or piratical nature (hacking, pirate software, warez sites, serial numbers), concerns the narcotics trade, the effort of illegal penetration on a PC or is against any other law. In such scenarios, the Company has the right, without warning to immediately disable the account and its access to the site through the internet without any responsibility for damages that may be incurred on the Customer or third parties. In addition, it notifies the Customer to remove such a content. Should the Customer not immediately take heed, the Company has the right to completely delete their account.

6.3 The Company follows a very strict policy in regards to spam emails and can cancel the Customer account in the case of sending improper / undesired mass emails (spam mail). An email is spam when sent including recipients who did not ask to get such.

The Customer agrees to not send any of the following kinds of email:

  • a. Advertisements or informational, including commercial advertisement without limitations, excluding those who have explicitly asked for emails from the Customer.
  • b. Irritating emails, either due to the language they were written in, their frequency of sending or their size.
  • c. Chain emails.
  • d. Bulk advertising or informational emails.

The Company retains the right to decide if a Customer actions is considered spam, mail bombing or bulk email.

6.4 The Company has the right of restricting the volume of messages sent or received from the users, in order for the quality of email services to be maintained to other members and the safeguarding of its systems.
As the owner and / or administrator of equipment and other resources used for the provision of services, the Company has the right to block electronic communication from other operators on the Internet or not to deliver email messages if those are considered to be spam, malicious, or generally violating the terms of use of the service.

6.5 Available server resources are meant solely for use inside user accounts. The distribution of such resources for any manner in third party sites in any form, including but not limited to sourcing graphics or texts from third party sites found in Company servers, application execution, banner exchange programs is forbidden.

6.6 Access to the hosting service is given after Customer request. The Company has the right to deny access or hand over limited access for the execution of particular commands.

6.7 Sending emails in server or any message sent at irritating intervals on a network directly or indirectly connected to the Company, such as the attempt of bypassing user authorization or host security, network or account is forbidden.
Penetration of information not meant towards the Customer is forbidden.
Penetration of any network, spawning, port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, teardrop, publishing viruses, chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots (like eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar applications, the audio, radio and video streaming and the uploading of files on the server for the purposes of public downloading, particularly in cases when it majorly strains the available network resources, is forbidden. Any activity, regardless if leading to loss or data, shall be investigated and proper action will follow.

6.8 Non-authorized background processes or authorized background processes which expose the Company or Customer servers’ safety to danger, shall lead to the cessation or even the termination of the Customer account.

6.9 In case the Customer website is the cause of creating issues in the provision of hosting services to other Customers placed in the same server, the Company has the right to immediately and without warning disable access to the Customer’s domain. In case the Company engages in such activity, the Customer will be notified accordingly, for the reason this suspension of services has occurred.
Customer acknowledges that the Company bears no responsibility or obligation for compensation in regards to any loss, damage, or moral damages incurred by the cessation of the above processes.

Hosting service analysis, mechanisms, and management

6.10 Hosting: In our company, when we refer to the hosting service, we always mean the hosting of your data (e.g. website and database) and your mailbox on a shared server, i.e. a server that hosts multiple of our clients (so you will not be the only one hosted by him). Our shared servers have security mechanisms for your secure hosting, without affecting each other. Always guided by the cost and the correct service of our customers, we recommend the hosting on our shared servers and we guarantee the safe operation of our services. However, in case it is deemed necessary by us or if the client himself requests his hosting on a server that will operate only on his behalf, then the client is informed about the possibility of moving to a private server as well as its characteristics. At our Company we have hosting plans to meet every need. The hosting plans on our shared servers are always decided in cooperation with each customer and according to the particular needs and characteristics of their website.Υou can increase the features of your hosting package at any time by adding addons, such as extra storage space. For the cost of our hosting plans and add-ons, you can contact us at info@glocaldms.com or our company’s phone numbers.

6.11 Hosting add-ons: You can increase the features of your hosting package at any time by adding add-ons. Those addons are:

  • extra storage space
  • extra traffic per month

6.12 Over usage of hosting: In case your hosting exceeds its characteristics, none of its operations will stop at all. Features that can be overcome are monthly traffic or web storage. In this case, the servers inform us about the overuse and we perform a check in order to identify the exact feature that has been exceeded. If we feel you need to add an extra addon or perform any other change to your hosting, our customer service will let you know.

6.13 Server type: In our company, we provide hosting on Linux server with Apache web server (proxy Nginx) and PHP. The hosting management platform (panel) is Plesk.

6.14 Country of hosting: Our servers are located in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands, in the most famous and reliable datacenters in Europe. Our company, guided by the fastest response, as well as the speed of the website – web app, is the one that decides in which country your applications will be hosted.

6.15 Security mechanisms: On all shared servers and any hosting on them, we have mechanisms such as Cloudlinux, imunify360, and Cagefs for your best experience. These mechanisms prevent the “bad neighbor phenomenon”. This means that each host is not affected by any other (e.g. in case of malicious code invading from one host to another). In addition, the mechanisms allow each host to freeze specific server resources (processor, memory, concurrent connections, disk drive) so that it does not affect the performance of other web applications hosted on the same server. The imunify360 mechanism works as a firewall and protects the guests from various types of attacks (brute force attack, DoS attack, etc.), from attacks on known cms (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc.) as well as from malware.

6.16 Actions in case of hacking: Our company, after realizing or being informed about the hacking of the data hosted on your host, e.g. on the website, will act in the following ways:

  1. In case your website has been created by our company and you have an active support package, our technicians will immediately perform the necessary checks, clearing the affected or malicious files, so that the website returns to proper operation. At the same time, changes will be made to the code to prevent the hack from happening again. Then and after this action is completed, we notify the customer of our actions.
  2. In case the website and the hosting data have not been created by our company or have not opted in for one of our maintenance or support packages/services, we will temporarily deactivate the service which is affected by the malware e.g. email service in cases of spam. At the same time, we will inform the customer to act accordingly. In case the problem is not solved the specific services that have been affected will remain inactive.

6.17 Upgrades – server maintenance: Our servers are regularly upgraded, as well as maintenance, but also changes in the programs that run on them. In case the upgrade (e.g. increase in the number of processors) or update of server programs is planned then you will be informed by email about the day and time of the tasks and the possible downtime time. However, there are cases in which such work should be done immediately, in order to solve problems. Then, there is no time available to be informed, but you should know that we will make every effort in order to have the least downtime of your hosting.

6.18 Disaster condition: Disaster condition means the collapse of machinery mainly due to the infrastructure of the Datacenter or hardware failure of physical machinery. They are usually situations in which we cannot intervene and provide solutions, only the data center itself, for example, a problem in our hardware server or in the hardware of the data center itself. In such cases, we will be in contact with the data center and we will push for the fastest possible resolution of the issue and then inform our customers. Of course, for the best hosting experience of our customers and to avoid, as much as possible such situations, we rent the best and most expensive solutions of machines and mechanisms in the data centers with which we work.

6.19 Server administration: The staff of our company, the data centers themselves, as well as the hired server administration third companies, are responsible for the management of the software of our company’s servers, in order to solve problems in them as soon as possible.

6.20 Backup: For the greatest security of your hosting data (files, mailbox, and databases), our company saves once a day, during night hours, an additional backup (incremental backup). It stores the daily changes (new files, modifications) made up to the time of the backup. Also, it performs once a month, a complete backup that includes all the files located on the server. Our company allows you to recover files in depth for up to 1 year. The backups are stored in a fileserver, within the infrastructure of our company, and at the same time in a cloud backup storage of a third company for data security. Finally, for the security of our servers from any catastrophic event (datacenter, hardware failure, etc.) and the fastest possible recovery of our servers, we get a daily image of our servers in the most reliable cloud server backup service, “Acronis”. For the Backup of your emails, you should read below the section on IMAP and POP email control methods, as they play a key role in the emails that are on the server and their retrieval.

Email service description and analysis:

6.21 IMAP and POP: These are two methods of accessing email. IMAP is the recommended method for controlling e-mail across multiple devices.

6.22 POP: By setting up your mailbox in the mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) you are using, you will receive all your emails in your mail client (copy). In case you have selected the deletion setting after X days after you receive them in your local mail client or if you have deleted them from your deleted ones, they will also be deleted from the mail server. This way you will save money, ensuring enough space in your mailbox. You will also have a backup of your emails locally on your mail client (the backup of your emails is your obligation to maintain it properly, in your own terminal – mail client). You can find out more about this protocol here.

6.23 IMAP: Setting up your mailbox in this way is like viewing and operating directly through the mail server, i.e. you do not work with copies on your terminal, such as POP3. For example, if you receive a mail and delete it, it will be deleted directly from the server. But if you create a folder on your mail client to pass and organize some mail, this folder will be created on the mail server (unlike POP3). This means that if another user configures the mailbox itself in another terminal with IMAP, then the folders and organization that you created will be displayed. More information about the IMAP protocol can be found here.

6.24 Email protection: On our shared servers, there are leased programs for maximum protection of incoming and outgoing emails, both from spam and from possible viruses that they may contain. The control and security mentioned above are done by mechanisms, to ensure the greatest chances of security. We urge you to use genuine email clients and to update them frequently but also to carry out careful checks of your inbox, as well as for your responsible actions with their content. Our customer and its users are defined as solely responsible for protecting them from any malicious action coming through incoming or outgoing e-mail communications.

6.25 Log: For each email, whether incoming or outgoing, we can perform the necessary research to find out through our systems, if the email was received or passed through our server. In case it has been cut from our server, we find the cause immediately. Attention: the logs we keep are from the last 7 days.

6.26 Webmail: It is a service – online program, which works through all browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and exists for all the mailboxes of the customers we host. After first logging in to webmail.yourdomain.com and filling in the user fields with all your mailbox, such as e.g. info@yourdomain.com and its password, you can view and manage your mailbox directly from any terminal you want, without having any local mail client. Besides, you can view your incoming emails as well as reply, send, or even forward emails. In short, it is a fully functional online mail client. Attention: webmail works with IMAP protocol, ie it sees the mail server directly.

6.27 Mail Clients: These are programs that are installed on users’ terminals (desktop or mobile). Regarding the proper operation of mail clients, you should know that our company provides you with the mail server service and is not defined as responsible for IT support, for their setup and proper operation. Your IT service provider is responsible for the proper operation of your local programs and terminals (software or hardware). Our Company helps informatively through its support, for the correct configuration of your mail clients.

6.28 Outgoing Certifications: Our shared servers and each mailbox are configured to have all the necessary certifications (SPF, PTR, Reverse DNS, Dkim, Dmarc) and the rules to send your emails with the highest success rate of receipt from the recipient.

6.29 Incoming Exceptions: In case the sender is a known partner of yours, who cannot send you an email because they are cut from our server, you can request our Company, to exclude the specific domain or mailbox, in order to circumvent the rules and receive emails from this partner.

6.30 IP: All our domain – clients, send emails from some shared IP of the hosted server. In case you want to have a dedicated IP for your domain for blacklisting reasons, you should either have your own VPS server or dedicated or apply for your own dedicated IP in shared hosting (this is not always possible and there is a possibility that cancels your request due to global shortage of ipv4 IP).

6.31 Blacklists: They are online lists, which work with various methods (traps, information from users, etc.) gathering potential spammers. Our servers for the incoming emails check some of them and in case the sender is in it, his emails will not be delivered to the specific server. There are several such lists, some very important and some less so. There is also a possibility that the IP you host will be included in a blacklist under the responsibility of a third party user – domain that sends from the same shared IP. In our shared servers, we have methods – automation to prevent and stop such attempts (spamming) through our servers. It is not always possible to stop this in time. Spamming may even be attempted by you, unwittingly and your mailbox trying to send spam emails that have nothing to do with you.

Common causes that can occur are:

  • The mailbox has been abused due to an easy password. Either an automatic mechanism found it, or somehow they took it away from you
  • A virus has entered your terminal and is using your mail client with your settings
  • Your website has been hacked and files have been passed to it, which use your domain with mailer code that automatically sends spam mail

In all cases, our company will try to stop this malicious action in the following ways:

  • The mailbox code will be changed by us and you will be given a new one
  • We will check webmail and its settings
  • If the above does not work, we will check the website for malware and neutralize it. If the website is not made by our company, the website will go offline until it is corrected by the manufacturer.

In case the problem was the password, you may be asked not to pass the passwords to the terminals of your mail client, because they will be responsible for sending spam and at the same time you will be asked to completely clean the terminals that have in the mailbox from your IT.

6.32 After blacklist actions: In case the IP of the server you are on is found on a blacklist, our company starts the update process with a request to the blacklist providers, after first securing the server and preventing malicious action.
There are many different blacklists from which you can exit in different ways and at times. Some examples are:

  •  After the application, delete automatically from the list
  • Upon request, delete manually by the provider
  • After the application, a specific time e.g. 7 days to delete
  • No request, automatically deleted from the list when the server stops sending spam indefinitely

Once the request is accepted, it will take approximately 24 hours for all servers to submit to these blacklists to be notified. Once the spread is complete, your emails will be delivered normally.

6.33 How we perceive malware for the purpose of prevention or when blacklisting actions begin:
Our company starts the prevention or deletion procedures from the blacklists when:

  • We perceive sending multiple mails to the server, after updating the server mechanisms
  • Automatic cessation of sending email in case the action exceeds the limit of sending mail per hour
  • If the Datacenter informs us about actions we have not realized
  • From the blacklists themselves if they send mail to providers
  • If our customers realize it seeing e.g. multiple mail returns, which they did not send themselves

6.34 Server replies: If for any reason the server mechanisms interrupt an incoming email, then a reply email is automatically sent to the sender with the exact reason why the email did not reach the recipient. The recipient’s server is responsible for sending corresponding responses. In case the recipient’s server sends you a reply, you can forward it to our support department at support@glocaldms.com so that we can identify the reason why it was not delivered.
Common causes are:

  • The recipient’s mailbox does not exist
  • The recipient’s domain does not exist
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full
  • The server is configured to cut mail from your domain or IP
  • The recipient’s server cuts something you sent to the contents of the mail or attachment

6.35 Limit in Mb sending mail: The limit in megabytes that your mailbox can send, but also the limit in megabytes that your partners can send you, is 25Mb per email. In case you want to send to a client a file larger than 10Mb, we suggest you to send it with web file transferring providers, such as wetransfer.com, dropbox, google drive, onedrive, etc.

6.36 Number of emails: Another limit of emails, which exists for the security and reputation of your mailbox, but also of the mail server, is the number of emails that can be sent. The limit is 200 mails per hour per mailbox.

6.37 Newsletter: If you try to send a bulk newsletter from your mailbox to our servers, through any program local or online, then up to 200 mails will be sent which is the limit per hour for each mailbox. If you try to submit more, your ad campaign will fail. If you have the “Newsletter” service and the emails are configured to be sent through our server and not from another provider, such as Mailchimp, then we recommend and if you accept it, the lease of a different domain from your main one (eg yourdomain-news.com).

6.38 Request delivery of access to your hosting management zone
At the request of the customer, our Company can deliver passwords for the hosting panel (shared or dedicated), with which it automatically gains access to the entire hosting (databases, files, mailbox, etc.). In order to ensure the proper operation of the hosting but also to avoid handling errors by the customer or its users, the delivery of this access will take place only after confirmation of the request through a mailbox of the applicant known to our company with attached and signed relevant form which is first sent by our Company to be signed by the customer. By delivering the codes, our Company does not take as its fault any damages or malfunctions that will occur on the website and in the hosting through the fault of the customer. At the same time, the customer automatically accepts explicitly that in any case where the contribution of our Company is required and for any work, there will be a corresponding charge based on the current billing price list per working hour while in case of active support package the corresponding working time will be deducted.

Guarantee application process

6.39 The Company makes every possible attempt in keeping the hosted website’s content available for access from around the world, at any time. The interruption service time is defined as the loss of all plans from Company services towards the backbone network providers. The Company makes every possible attempt in maintaining the average loss of availability rate of webserver services or database servers to a rate of 0,1% or less, during one calendar month, as defined by the Company.Should the webserver or database server of a shared hosting plan on which the website is hosted, is available less than 99.9% of the time within a calendar year, the Company credits the Customer’s hosting account with a free hosting period of one month. Interruption time is measured after the Customer’s notification for loss of availability, from the point such an interruption happens, through notifying the Company’s support department from here.


6.40 The Customer shall not receive any credit for any failures, malfunction or lack of availability of their website caused from, or connected to:

  • a. Circumstances beyond the Company’s sane control, including without limitation, government activities, war, riots, sabotage, armed conflict, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other cessation or delay of work, cessation or delay of transport, inaccessibility or cessation or delay of telecommunications or third party services, hacker attacks or viruses, third party software failing (including, without limitation, e-commerce, payment gateway, conversation, statistic, or of open source script software) or inability to receive raw materials, supplies, or the energy needed for use of the appropriate equipment for the providing such SLA.
  • b. Programmed or emergency maintenance and improvement of the Company’s technological equipment.
  • c. Issues involving DNS, FTP, POP, IMAP or SMTP customer access.
  • d. False reports in regards to Company systems not working.
  • e. Acts or negligence of the Customer, including, without limitation, the Code (CGI, Perl, HTML, ASP etc.), any dereliction, deliberate mishandling, or use of services violating Company terms and policies for acceptable use.
  • f. Sending or transferring of email or webmail.
  • g. Operation interruptions elsewhere on the Internet, preventing Customer access.

The Company is not liable for browser or DNS which may make displaying the service impossible. In addition, the Company is not liable for issues stemming from quality of Internet access from the provider the Customer has chosen. The Company shall guarantee only areas under its control, namely, servers, server routers, and the connection of such with the Internet.

Liability Limitation – Safeguard – Compensation

6.41 The Company has undertaken significant efforts so for its website to include accurate and updated information. It is, however, not bound in regards to accuracy, time proximity and the completeness of published content and hence bears no responsibility of any nature. In particular, the Company should be checking its website concerning its function and appearance of the now popular Internet browsers (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, for example). The Company is not responsible for any changes in function or content occur from the Customer using older versions of the above browsers, or any other browser.

The Customer agrees to defend before any court, safeguard, keep away from any danger, from all requests, losses, financial claims and responsibilities the Company and shall cover such against any financial costs, including potential lawyer fees. Furthermore, they shall cover the Company from any case or claim due to damages or malfunctions or whatever other cause the Customer raises, or any other third party against the Company or themselves in case of third parties, due to activities or other acts, of them or their interests and information transferred through the Company servers or because of malfunction of whichever server or ours, with or without Customer consent or partner of theirs.

Furthermore, the Customer explicitly states and is bound to intervene in the judicial or bureaucratic process and compensate the Company fully, in case the latter is obliged in the paying of compensation or whichever other cost in a case when any action, claim, or legal claim or bureaucratic process and stems from the violation of on behalf of any third party.

According to a European directive from the European Commission, consumers and merchants have the Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR) at their disposal for the electronic solving of their disputes, whether such are about domestic or cross-border transactions. The ODR is directly linked to the pertinent authorities Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) of every country, who take up the processing of accusations.

7. Dedicated Servers

7.1 The Customer accepts not to use the Company’s internet space, the services it offers and its servers for:

  • a. Any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, irritating, sycophantic derogatory, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, constitutes a violation of someone else’s privacy, shows solidarity, or expresses racial, national or other distinctions, or for sending, publishing via email or transmission of such content to others.
  • b. Harming underage people in any way.
  • c. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content for which they do not have rights of transmission according to legislation or contracted or administrative relations (like internal information, owner and confidential information gained or exposed as part of work relations or covered in confidentiality agreements.)
  • d. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content which violates any patent, trade label, trade secret, copyright or other ownership third party rights.
  • e. Sending, publishing, sending via email or transmission with other ways any kind of content which contains software viruses or other codes, files or applications designed with causing harm in mind, the destruction or tackling of function of any software or hardware.
  • f. Willful and unwilful violation of the standing legislature or its terms.
  • g. Harassment of third parties in any way.
  • h. Illegal gathering or storage of other user’s private data.

7.2 The Company has the power to reject, cut off the provision of service or delete content funneled on the provided server, should this content be against any legislature in regards to copyright, is copied, is of pornographic, racist or piratical nature (hacking, pirate software, warez sites, serial numbers), concerns the narcotics trade, the effort of illegal penetration on a PC or is against any other law. In such scenarios, the Company has the right, without warning to immediately disable the account and its access to the site through the internet without any responsibility for damages that may be incurred on the Customer or third parties. In addition, it notifies the Customer to remove such a content. Should the Customer not immediately take heed, the Company has the right to completely delete their account.

7.3 The Company follows a very strict policy in regards to spam emails and can cancel the Customer account in the case of sending improper / undesired mass emails (Spam mail). An email is spam when sent including recipients who did not ask to get such.

The Customer agrees to not send any of the following kinds of email:

  • a. Advertisements or informational, including commercial advertisement without limitations, excluding those who have explicitly asked for emails from the Customer.
  • b. Irritating emails, either due to the language they were written in, their frequency of sending or their size.
  • c. Chain email.
  • d. Bulk advertising or informational emails.

The Company retains the right to decide if a Customer actions is considered spam, mail bombing or bulk email.

7.4 Sending emails to the server or any message sent at irritating intervals on a network directly or indirectly connected to the Company, such as the attempt of bypassing user authorization or host security network or account, is forbidden.
Penetration of information not meant towards the Customer is forbidden.
Penetration of any network, spawning, port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, teardrop, publishing viruses, chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots (like eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar applications, the audio, radio and video streaming and the uploading of files on server for the purposes of public downloading, particularly in cases when it majorly strains the available network resources is forbidden. Any activity, regardless if leading to loss or data, shall be investigated and proper action will follow.

7.5 Non-authorized background processes or authorized background processes which expose the Company or Customer servers’ safety to danger, shall lead to the cessation or even the termination of the Customer account.

7.6 Dedicated servers may not be resold to third parties. If the Customer wishes to resell hosting services, they should use one of the Reseller plans.

7.7 It is a Customer’s responsibility to make sure their code and applications installed in the account are safe and the rights of the directories and files are correct, regardless of the manner the installation made. It is the Customer’s responsibility to assure the reliability of their code, apply all safety instructions and be certain in applying the proper levels of access to files and directories of their services. The Customer is responsible for all actions undertaken in their account.

7.8 The Customer must use a safe access password. Should the access password used by the Customer is deemed simple, the account might be suspended until a more secure access password is implemented.

7.9 The Company retains the right of restoring the access password on a dedicated server, should the password at the time is not updated, so as to carry on with the necessary security checks, as required by the data server. It is a Customer’s responsibility to make sure the Company is given a valid email address, as well as root access password for the dedicated server, to avoid potential downtime from password restoration requests. The Company retains the right to check the servers according to particular requirements carry out various administrative acts in such, after any data center request. In regards to dedicated servers, there is NO support for maintaining backups from the Company, but is a Customer’s responsibility.

7.10 All dedicated servers are provided in the form of a monthly fee and are installed in data centers which may be in geographical areas of Greece or abroad, depending on the chosen plan. Customer access for the dedicated server is handled remotely, through the internet, with Remote Desktop (Windows dedicated servers) and Telnet or SSHt (Linux dedicated servers).

7.11 Should there not be a payment on time for the renewal subscription of the dedicated server, the server is disabled a day after the subscription expires. Data stored on the server are deleted and the server is considered available to subscription for other Customers. In case of renewal payment being made after expiration, and if enabling it once more is possible, there is a fee for enabling such.

7.12 It is a user’s responsibility, regarding their dedicated server, to check the integrity of their server’s hard drives. This can be accomplished either with specialized tools of the operating system in RAID software cases, or with special tools that the user must install on RAID hardware controllers. Once the problem is highlighted, the Company may ask the user to shut down the server in order to test the operation of the hard drive.

7.13 Enabling more than one dedicated IP is not supported on greek dedicated servers.

7.14 The Company does not carry out any monitoring action on a dedicated server, in regards to hardware and internet. It is a server administrator’s sole responsibility to check and inform the Company for the existence of any issues. Servers having Managed Services are excluded from this term.

7.15 The Company is responsible for the free replacement of faulty dedicated server hardware, like a hard disk, RAM, CPU etc. Every issue based on such is resolved in expected time noted at each SLA and always after notification from the dedicated server’s administrator. Servers having Managed Services are excluded from this term.

7.16 The Company bears no responsibility for the maintenance and integrity of dedicated server services, such as its software, control panel, web server, mail server, MySQL, MSSQL etc. Servers having Managed Services are excluded from this term.

7.17 The Company provides support services to a dedicated server, in the form of an additional paid service. Support plans are optional and can be activated whenever the Customer wishes. The Customer may be informed in detail for the provisions and cost of Managed Services plans, communicating with the Sales Department, before server purchase.

7.18 All services provided through Managed Services plans are enabled or implemented after a Customer’s request.

8. SSL Certificates

8.1 All SSL certificates may be renewed up to 60 days before their expiration date.
In regards to RapidSSL & GeoTrust (Symantec) SSLs having been issued before the 1st of December, 2017, the renewal may be accomplished 210 days before their expiration date.

8.2 Private key

  • a. If the SSL is used for a website hosted on the Company servers, the Company creates and inputs the private key into the Customer’s hosting. The private key is constantly visible in Plesk.
  • b. If the SSL is used for a Company hosted in another hosting provider, the Customer must download and store the private key on their computer, the moment it is displayed and input it themselves in the hosting plan so as for the SSL activation to occur. The private key is not stored in the Company’s database.

8.3 The confirmation process in regards to data required for enabling OV and EV certificates, is done by the Certificate Authority which provides said SSL certificate. The Company is not responsible neither for the data confirmation process nor for the success or failure of such.

8.4 The Company’s technical team may take over, with an extra fee, the installation of the SSL certificate that was acquired by the customer, and is subject to the following conditions:

  • a. the SSL is Domain Validated
  • b. the server (VPS, Dedicated Server or Web Hosting) on which the SSL will be installed, comes with a Control Panel (Plesk cPanel, Virtualmin, etc.).

The server could be hosted on any hosting provider. All Organization and Extended Validation SSLs are excluded from the service, as well as servers that do not come with a Contrοl Panel.

9. Pricing and Cessation of Services / Agreement

Pricing Policy

9.1 Our Services and products prices are in euros and VAT is not included unless otherwise stated. Payment for products and services is made in advance. The Company has the right of adjusting prices without prior Customer warning. It is understood that the Customer always deposits the price listed on the pricelist for this product or service when ordering such. Potential service payoff expenses concerning the Customer (expense for bank deposits etc.), are paid by the Customer.

9.2 The Company maintains the right to offer products, plans, or promotional offers that may include differing service or price terms compared to the ones in effect at the date and time of the original order placed by the Customer.

9.3 Discount coupons and any offers noted on the products at the Company’s website are valid only for the initial purchase or their offer’s time period and do not affect the renewal price of the service or product. The coupon discounts do not stack with other potential discounts or offers that the Customers have a right to.

9.4 The Company reserves the right to designate products, plans, or services as “non-commercially available”, according to its commercial policy or any technical limitations related to the Company’s infrastructure management. The Company will offer the revamped, commercially available variant of the affected products, plans of services to Customers being affected by such a status change.

9.5 The Company is not liable for any taxes or fees that must be paid in any country and according to whichever tax legislation and concerning exchanges made from the Customer through the provided domain. The Customer agrees to bear full responsibility for taxes or fees or dues in regards to setting up, installing or use of the server, the products or services in their possession or the exchanges made.

9.6 The value of free domain name provided by our Company with some hosting plans, cannot be used in credit for any other service and can only be used to register or renew a domain name.

Special Terms for Dedicated Servers

9.7 For servers hosted outside the EU, the Company holds the right to adjust the monthly server subscription in case the exchange rate shifts by more than 20% in relation to the current exchange rate at the dedicated server’s initial order.
The cost shift of the monthly subscription shall be done 1 month after notifying the Customer. The exchange rate that was into effect during the dedicated server’s order is produced from the first invoice of the subscription.

In this case, the adjustment of the monthly subscription will be proportional to the change in the exchange rate of the currency against the euro. The price the Customer pays to the Company for hosting services will not change after the order. The Company retains the right to shift the resources and prices of hosting services displayed at the website for purchase from future Customers.

9.8 For the cessation of service, the Customer has to submit their request for such in written format, at least 30 calendar days before the month when the Customer wished to proceed in the server’s disabling. Alternatively, renewal is made automatically and the deposited warranty is consumed for the entire month.


9.9 The Company, for the Customers’ comfort, has set up the following terms of payment.

  • a. For security and identification reasons the Customer must provide further details, like their ID, passport etc. if asked by the Company.
  • b. If the Customer does not provide requested data or the transaction is not successfully identified by the Company, the Company has the right to not provide the service as well as not return the service fee regarding that exchange.
  • c. The Customer is not allowed to proceed in virtual, false or non-desirable purchase of services. The Customer is fully responsible for expenses, dues, taxes and contributions stemming from that purchase of services from the Company.
  • d. The Customer agrees to provide the Company’s support department with any data requested, in case the exchange must be confirmed.
  • e. The customer accepts the terms and conditions of our payment processors like Alpha Bank, PayPal and Stripe.

9.10 Payment with credit card or Paypal
The Customer can pay orders through credit card, Visa, Mastercard, credits and every other offered means supported by the Company. The Customer agrees that any further costs or commissions regarding them and might occur from intermediary payment services are theirs to bear (2,4% via Paypal and 2% via credit card ). The credit card is charged after the check and data validation. The Customer is solely responsible for the correct submission of the credit card data.

9.11 Payment by deposit onto a bank account
The Customer can pay for their orders through a bank deposit, in one of our Company’s bank accounts.

Cessation of Services / Contract

9.12 The present contract may be terminated from anyone of the contracted without cause. The Company is not required to return the agreed upon price for the time interval left from the day of termination to the normal expiration date, should the termination be requested by the Customer or the contract is terminated by the Company for violation of terms of use on the Customer’s part.

9.13 Should the Customer declare they do not wish for the continuation of services, then the Company terminates the provided Customer services and deletes from its servers the pertinent registrations and Customer files without any further warning.

9.14 The Company has the right to reject, terminate or suspend the availability of the services offered to the Customer at will, with or without warning, and is not responsible for the consequences, positive or negative, which stems from terminating a website or a server or the termination of some other service. Restoration of service or files in a website hosting account that has been deleted from Plesk & is maintained in the backup infrastructure of the Company is conducted with an additional cost.

9.15 In case the Customer has not paid one or more services on their account, the Company has the right to suspend, disable or terminate the service, domain name, or hosting accounts, without being bound to provide backups to the Customer.

9.16 The Company maintains the right to cancel an account, including files and content for any reason, at any time. The Customer agrees to maintain backups of all files and databases hosted in the Company and agrees that the Company bears no responsibility for loss of data. The Customer is responsible for the creation of backups for their data.

9.17 The Customer, should they no longer want Company services, must declare such through email or via phone found here.

9.18 In case of non-timely payment or the charging of the Customer’s credit card is impossible due to non-available sum or because the credit card is no longer valid, the services provided by the Company will be terminated.

Notice for service expiration

9.19 Customer receives on their email automated notification for the impending expiration of services 30 and 7 days before the expiration date.

10. Renewal of Services

10.1 This agreement is automatically renewed according to the price currently into effect, on the catalogue for this kind of provided service over the time interval of renewal, unless the Customer does not wish for further cooperation with the Company and notify it of such.

10.2 In any case, the Customer is bound to check that the Company received the notice of subscription payment and enabled / renewed the services for which they have paid. If the Company cannot verify the payment details from service renewal (for example, due to corrupted file, never receiving the email notification) then the Company suspends the use of services, with no responsibility for potential damages or malfunctions that may occur during the termination / cessation of its services towards the Customer.

11. Money Back Guarantee

11.1 In the services of the Company accompanied by money back guarantee (Basic Shared hosting, Email hosting, Website Development, WordPress Maintenance και WooCommerce Maintenance), the use of the money back guarantee can be done within a 30-day timeframe from the date the service was launched. Should the Customer not remain satisfied with the quality level of the service of the Company, they may request, within 30 days from account launch, the cancellation of the current contract, otherwise they silently agree with the continued provision of service and give up their right for the return of deposited money.

In case of cancellation within 30 days, the Customer is returned the sum of the service. In case that the sum included additional fees (domain name purchase, SSL purchase, Static IP purchase, third party resources, bank or credit card resources, installation costs, additional services) the subscription sum is returned to the Customer after the above is withheld. The Company can deny returning the money after the 30th day since registering.

11.2 The above guarantee solely refers to one part of the Company’s services and not all provided services. For example, the following are excluded: Domain Names, Dedicated Servers, SSL πιστοποιητικά, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.
It is explicitly noted that no money returns are provided for dedicated servers and relevant add-ons.

11.3 For a cancellation request to be considered valid, the request must be sent to our Accountant Department through our contact form found here.

11.4 Any term violation of the current is considered sufficient to not return any sum to the Customer.

12. Security

12.1 All transactions made through the website of the Company are bound by International and European Law, which sets matters concerning e-commerce as well as the Law regarding consumer protection setting matters of sales from a distance. The Company acknowledges the importance of the matter of safeguarding Personal Data, as well as electronic exchanges and has taken all necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, so as to ensure the greatest possible security. All information relating to your personal data are secure and private.

12.2 The Customer acknowledges that for access to the Company services, a username and a secure password, which provide access with absolute security on the Customer’s personal data, is required. The password may be altered as many times as the Customer wishes.

12.3 The Customer accepts that they are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and access codes of their account from third parties. The password used by the Customer must fall under regulations set by the Company, in regard to character numbers, combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. In case of its loss or leak they must proceed in the timely notification of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the use of a said secret password by a non-authorized person.

12.4 The Customer must always keep their contact information up-to-date and notify the Company of any change. Communication and updating of the Company to the Customer for issues related to their account (upgrades to servers, termination – renewal of subscriptions, etc.) are carried out by email or through relevant information pages on the Company’s website.

12.5 The Customer acknowledges that the email is defined as the main communication channel between the Company and the Customer and hence must be monitored regularly. The Customer should also set a primary and secondary communication email so as to safeguard the communication of information from the Company to the Customer.

Transactions Privacy

12.6 All information transmitted by the Customer to the Company is confidential and the Company shall take all necessary measures so as to make use of such only when deemed necessary within the frame of services provided.

Some of the measures taken are the following:

  • a. Only authorized employees to have access to transaction information and only when necessary, for example, for the conclusion of forms.
  • b. The Company does not reveal Customer data and their transactions unless having written Customer authorization or such is demanded by judicial decision or decision of other public authority.
  • c. In case the Company uses third parties for the support of its systems, it takes care of safeguarding privacy.
  • d. The Customer may ask for any data held for them, as well as their amendment in case they can prove the existence of a mistake.
  • e. For security purposes, the Customer must treat all information provided through the service as private and not proceed in any revealing of such to third parties.
  • f. The Customer’s email address may be used only after their consent for the sending of notification emails and newsletters concerning the Company and potential new offers or sales provided from such. Should the Customer not wish to receive such newsletters, they can be deleted from the contact list by pressing the link found at the end of every newsletter.

13. Electronic Document Transfer

13.1 The Customer should notify the Company of the email addresses to which the issued invoices shall be sent. In particular, the invoices are sent to the email address submitted at the billing data from the administrator, while receipts are sent to the administrator’s email. Additionally, the Customer explicitly declares that the particular email addressed and every kind of update regarding such are under their full, sole and uncontested control. No third parties must have access to these addresses unless authorized by the Customer themselves. The Company is responsible neither for the access of any third party in the Customer’s email addresses, nor for any damages potentially incurred from said access and/or use of email addresses from third parties.

13.2 For any change in the data submitted and particularly the email address data, the Customer is solely responsible and must update the Company in regards to changes. The Company bears no responsibility in case of lack of ability or delayed access of the Customer in their email.

13.3 The Company has no responsibility for any damages (positive or negative) of the Customer and/or third parties stemming from lack of ability or delayed access of the Customer to their email.

13.4 The Customer accepts that the Company is undertaking every reasonable effort the safeguarding of the availability of the electronic document transfer service. In any case, after the issuing of a document, it is available also through the Company via email request.

14. Acceptance of Terms of Use

14.1 The present terms of use of the Company services are composed according to Cyprus applicable laws, are governed by Cypriot law, the applicable law of the European Union and the International Agreements and interpreted according to good faith, trading practices and the social and economic purpose of the right. Should any term or provision of the above terms of use is considered null or void, this would not influence the validity and enforceability of the rest of the terms. The contractors will, according to the above-mentioned principles, undertake every possible attempt to replace null or void provisions or terms with others suitable that approach the content of null or void terms or provisions as much as possible.

14.2 The subscribers of the Company’s services must be above 18 years old.

14.3 The Customer agrees that all data submitted in the forms or emails sent to the Company are truthful and accurate. The Customer also does not knowingly violate the rights of third parties. In the case of legal entities, the Customer binds the particular legal entity.

14.4 From the use of websites and services of the Company, it is presumed that the Customer agrees to all terms written on the present page and the reading of the present text is required before the use of services from the Company and the submission of any order of products or services. Additionally, their consent and the unreserved acceptance of the written terms, are expressed, confirmed and declared responsible by clicking the link “I have read and agreed to the Terms of Use” or any other way which can lead to use or service order or use of Company websites and considered their signature on the present text.

14.5 The Company provides the Customer with third-party software depending on the ordered service. The terms of use of such can be different from the Company’s terms of use. The Company Customers are bound by all terms of licenses relating to third-party software and must accept them. The provision and offer of third-party software is not part of Company software. The Company cannot provide support or guarantees in regard to its use and function.

14.6 Every electronic service order is sent to the Company through the internet, if, and only if, the Customer has previously unreservedly accepted the previously noted terms of the agreement, as further proof that the Customer received full knowledge of the terms and unreservedly agreed with such.

14.7 The Customer agrees that for any dispute arising between the Customer and the Company, Cypriot law shall be the applicable law and the pertinent courts for resolving the such dispute will be the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus. The Company has the right to change without warning but with later notification of Customers, the Terms of Use of the present Service Provider Agreement.

14.8 The terms included in the present, replace any other agreement or arrangement between the Customer and the Company, verbal, written, or of another way, including a potential declaration from some Company spokesperson. The Customer accepts that there can be further terms for use of certain services.


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