First Mykonos
Consulting, Website Development, WordPress Hosting, Wordpress Management

First Mykonos, a family company active in the car rental industry in Mykonos island since 1997, chose us to re-develop its website.

As part of our collaboration, we have transformed their dysfunctional and neglected for more than 4 years website into a fully functional car rental booking system integrated into a modern and clean WordPress website emphasizing the best user experience.

In this context, we’ve updated all the aspects of their WordPress installation, modernized the looks of it in a clean and simple way strategically presenting all the necessary information with detailed descriptions, photos, and call-to-action details so that the user can browse pleasantly and easily send a request or proceed with a real-time booking.

The development of a brand and the development of a business is a continuous process, so we are working with First Mykonos on an ongoing basis. The support we offer is tailored to its particular needs, including WordPress maintenance and hosting, daily backups, software updates, and modern digital marketing services such as social media management and advertising in order to increase lead acquisition and brand awareness.

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